The differences between an effective and ineffective leader is one that build teams and one that builds trouble. An effective leader is an integral part of his team, always willing to pitch in to help get the Job done. An ineffective leader Insists on maintaining a safe rank-pulling and emotional distance from his team, never allowing his hands to get dirty or to help anyone. He must always feel It Is necessary to remind others of his superior position and privileges. However, an effective leader focuses on the groups versus his/her feelings.

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It Is their goal and decision to emphasize your team strengths and contributions, not your own. You as a leader will be perceived as self-centered, and followers will lose their enthusiasm quickly. An Ineffective will crumble under fear when approached with situation that Is out of his/her comfort zone. Some of other signs when Ineffective Is approached with adversity Is losing control, throws temper tantrums to hide his Inadequacies, and then looks around for someone else to blame. Here is a list of comparisons between the two leaders.

Effective leaders listen and speak when necessary – Ineffective leaders talk non stop Effective leaders are specific about their objectives – Ineffective leaders speak in ircles and often tangent into side bars which spiral out of context Effective leaders delegate while still maintaining authority/control of the overall end product – Ineffective leaders give away authority arbitrarily Effective leaders respect the expertise and experience of those around them – Ineffective leaders think they know it all and micro-manage Effective leaders energize their team to become excited about the work ahead – Ineffective leaders kill the energy by exhausting and overwhelming the team with superfluous information/duties/tasks. Effective leaders maximize time – Ineffective leaders waste time

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