The Digestive Track Essay Research Paper The

8 August 2017

The Digestive Track Essay, Research Paper

The Digestive Track Essay Research Paper The Essay Example

The Digestive Path

The BIG MAC is placed in the oral cavity. The staff of life is chiefly amylum, the particular

sauce is chiefly fat, boodle, pickles, and onions are niacin. The beef cakes

are protein, and cheeseis a signifier of Ca, fat, and protein.

The piece of the BIG MAC is placed in the oral cavity and chewed, the amylum is

being digested by spit. The amylum becomes a sort of sugar which is used as a

nutriment for the cells. Saliva alterations nutrient to a signifier that can be used by

the organic structure called enzymes. The Burger is swallowed and passes into the gorge.

This is the muscular tubing that contracts along its length to force the nutrient down

into the tummy. In the alimental canal the meat and particular sauce is being

absorbed. The fat in the sauce is used for energy and the protein in the meat

is used to construct musculuss, the boodle, pickles, onions are besides absorbed.

In the tummy, which is a musculus, the nutrient is churned about while digestive

juices pour

int from secretory organs in the tummy wall. Finally, the the churning

action moves nutrient out of the tummy and into the little bowel. The lever

contributes to this digestive procedure by releasing into the little bowel, a

liquid called gall. The pancreas secretes pancreatic juice which farther AIDSs

in fade outing nutrient.

The little bowel undergoes continual muscular contractions called

vermiculations. This action pushes nutrient into the big bowel. This surface of

the little bowel has a big figure of filamentous projections called villi.

The digested, liquified nutrient is absorbed through the villi, and passes into

capillaries that are inside the villi. Now the nutrient is in the blood stream. Not

all parts of the BIG MAC can be digested.Those parts which are indigestible base on balls

through the big bowel to its lower portion, called the rectum. Finally,

the indigestible nutrient is eliminated from the rectum through the anus. This is

the complete teck that the BIG MAC follows when it is eaten.

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