The Dirty Little Secret of Children’s Television

4 April 2015
A discussion of the negative influence of children’s TV shows on the modern child.

This paper looks at children’s television and its negative influence on children today. The first section starts off the paper with a view into the positive side of children’s television. Television isn’t entirely evil, so this section helps the reader understand that you aren’t completely against television. The second section describes how children are emotionally and mentally influenced by television shows. The third section relates how a child’s increasing violent nature could be the result of the violence that they view every day in their shows. The fourth section discusses how the media is involved, primarily on a consumer basis. The fifth and final section refers to what the parent can do to in a world that is surrounded in television.
Televisions shows that are directed primarily towards a child audience are to a large degree responsible for the controversial decline in development that is visible in today’s youth culture. Through this medium children are exposed to vast quantities of violence and negative themes. These shows contribute to the breakdown of family as well as the lessened emotional development of children. Not only has television proven detrimental on a child-to-child basis, but in addition has greatly influenced the overall standards of our consumer culture and quite possibly made us more so. While children’s educational television shows are given high notoriety for making a positive contribution to a child’s education and development, the problem lies in the fact that parents oftentimes neglect to research or take an active interest in their children’s viewing. Due to the fact that they consider the programs directed mainly towards children to be either education or purely for the basis of entertainment parents do not seriously scrutinize them. In effect they fail to suspect these shows as being a major contributor to the upbringing and future of their children and the younger generation.

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