The Disguises in Twelfth Night

6 June 2017

To begin with if this was true love then he would have visited her himself to confess his love but instead he sends someone to do this for him. He tends to become even more in love when he hears her reply but this is the chase. He is a disguise because he doesnt see his real self or the real situation. He is unable to see that he is falsely in love and what he feels is the feeling of wanting more what you cant have This is a feeling that most of us experience and in act one tis is orsino’s disguise.

It helps in the development of the plot because had he not been in disguise with the way he truly felt there would have been no chase at all possibly. Olivia may not have had her disguise caused by his disguise. it is their disguises to which the play revolves.

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The second disguise is that of viola. This is more of a literal disguise where she dresses to look like a man. she does this for various reasons such as being unrecognizable and obtaining a Job. No one knows about this except the captain. The is an on purpose disguise for the benefit of a normal life and survival.

She says, ‘conceal me what I am, and be my aid. ‘In her disguise the captain is her helper. This helps with the development of the plot because viola in her disguise becomes the man that Olivia falls in love with and unveils herself for. The third disguise is Sir Toby. He is Olivia’s uncle. he pretends to be Andrew’s friend but this is only to obtain his wealth. He is really in it for the riches and to have success he must portray friendship. This helps in the development of the plot because it helps to show how people once again do not show their true colours.

The forth disguise is Olivia. Like Viola her disguise is one ofa literal disguise. ‘The element itself till seven year’ heat , shall not behold her face ample view. ‘ in an attempt to mourn her brother death she has decided to wear a veil over her face and conjure the society of men. It is for this reason that she rejects Orsino’s love. However this disguise is broken when she reveals herself to Cesario. This helps in the development of the play because she rejects one lover for another and does not remember her reason for rejecting the irst when confessing love to the other.

The fifth disguise is Malvolio. He is of the lower class and believes that he can climb the social ladder because of his ambitions. He receives a forged letter from Olivia and thinks that she really loves him. His disguise is that he thinks that he has indeed climb the social ladder because of the letter. He even goes to the extent where he dresses up weirdly with long yellow stocking to impress her but he actually looks like a clown. To maintain his disguise he once to battle Sebastian for Olivia’s love.

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