The Divorce

I asked my Dad once, “Who are all these people?”

He smiled, “This is your family.”

There wasn’t a time that I remember when my parents were together. Because of that, there was never awkwardness or confusion. It was just always like that.

After the divorce the time I spent with each of my parents didn’t change much. The only thing that changed was, at my Dad’s I was living with a new family—one I have grown to know and love. Instead of being the youngest of three, I was now the youngest of six. Since I was the baby of the family, I looked up to my older siblings. Having been a visual learner I was greatly influenced by them. I took in bits and pieces from their experiences which helped mold me into the person I am today.

An example of how I’ve been affected by my brothers is sports. By watching them play football I became interested. Seeing how well they performed inspired me to play. They helped me train and showed me plays and strategies; but ultimately, they showed me how to succeed. All that I learned from their lessons I used to go out for more sports such as track and basketball. Their teaching of commitment can be seen throughout my school work and sports life. It has helped me cultivate the habit of seeing school projects through and has made me a tenacious athlete.

Although Growing up with four older brothers was easy for me, I had to adjust to having a new sister and new mom. I assumed I would have nothing in common with either of them, but they have shaped me in ways my brothers couldn’t. They taught me to be humble, respectful, and outgoing. I use these characteristics every day.

Despite popular belief about divorce, I believe that my parent’s separation has affected me for the better. I wouldn’t give up these new additions to my life for anything. I have grown to love and appreciate these people I’ve lived with for most of my life. These “new” people in my life are no longer strangers, they are my family.

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