The Drover’s Wife

6 June 2016

The drover’s wife, by Henry Lawson, describes a woman whose husband was a drover with four children. The story wants to tell us about a problem that a drover’s wife faced. One day, there was a snake in the house. Because of wanting to protect her children, she stayed awake all night to protect, she stayed awake all night to guide her children who were sleeping on the bed near the kitchen. She and her snake-dog killed the snake and burnt it in the next morning.

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Among all characters portrayed in this story, I am interested in the drover’s wife the most for these reasons. First, she was a strong and smart woman, because she had fought all the difficult tasks without her husband’s help; she coped them accordingly. Second, she was a protective and reliable mother and honest wife, for the whole night, she kept her eyes wide open to make sure the snake wouldn’t appear again and it wouldn’t bite her children.

A mother always cared and worried about her kids and she never complained about her harsh life with her husband’s absence. She didn’t care about herself when she fought the flood that devastated the dam; she still thought of her husband’s feeling if he was here and knew about disaster. However, I think there aren’t many women could ever done like her, not many women would devote herself into dangerous situation like this. Third, her character showed me lots of ideas that woman could stand by her won feet. Her love was unique, strong and special. Even though, her character might show us that she should be weak, but it was not.

What I have significantly learnt from story is that we won’t get what want, but we could manage what we have. I strongly believe that it wasn’t a life that the drover’s wife wanted; however, she didn’t complain; yet she learnt to enjoy her own life. Although she could feel her happiness in the Young Lady’s Journal and used the handkerchief, which was full of holes. Moreover, the story also teaches me to fight with our life, we shouldn’t give up easily and each time we should make ourselves brave.

The story has given us lots of good lessons in our lives, I do appreciate on how well the story was written, but also how the author put the great experience on woman’s role in marriage life. I love this story, but it is quite wide critical. I also would like to recommend this story to other friends as well, especially to women that it is important to stay on their feet.

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