The Duties and Responsibilities of a Service Crew in any Food Chain

1 January 2017

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Service Crew in any Food Chain are as follows: Responsible for providing courteous and efficient food and beverage services to the guests. To present menu, take order, suggest and recommend appropriately. To attend and respond to guests’ needs promptly and professionally. To present bills to diners, collect payment and give to the cashier, return change or credit card to diners. To perform general housekeeping and cleaning duties, including sweeping, mopping, cleaning glasses, furniture & fittings, laying of tables and up-keeping of rest room etc.

Any other appropriate duties and responsibilities as assigned. What are the deff. Betwn food attendant and waiter? A waiter usually does the whole thing. Greet, take orders, run food, check up etc. A food attendant is usually just a runner that takes out food and drinks but just delivers, doesn’t really interact with customers. Also, usually a food attendant relies on the waiter to be tipped out rather than being tipped directly from the customer… i.

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A kitchen helper has the primary responsibility of keeping the kitchen at a restaurant or other food service operation clean and orderly. He usually has many other duties as well, depending on the type of establishment in which he works. In addition to his cleaning duties, he might assist in the dining area or help the cook with food preparation. Job Description of an Assistant Cook An assistant cook supports the head chef. An assistant cook may go by many titles in the restaurant business and other food service settings.

Also known as an apprentice chef, chef’s apprentice, assistant chef or kitchen helper, an assistant cook is the head cook’s or executive chef’s right hand in the kitchen. A talented and reliable assistant cook can make all the difference in how smoothly a kitchen operates. Food Counter Attendant Job Description Food counter attendant job description and profile The main responsibility of a ‘Food Counter Attendant’ is to take orders from customers. The position of food counter attendant is generally at places like fast food outlets, cinemas, and canteens, mess etc.

At some places, an attendant may has to prepare dishes. Food counter attendant duties and responsibilities- •Taking orders from the customers •Issuing token to customers for collecting their ordered dishes •Having an eye for detail – handing over the right dish to the right customer •Handling the billing procedure •Keeping a record of the monetary transactions •Serving foods and drinks from the counter •Forwarding the K. O. T – ‘Kitchen Order Ticket’ to the kitchen staff •Ensuring timely delivery of dishes •Providing excellent customer service

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