The Easter Bunny

5 May 2019

“Uncross your arms’, don’t forget to smile, and stroke their egos,” the assistant manager reminded me as I approached a members table. I obeyed without question.

“Excuse me sir, can I clear your plate?” I asked politely as the man looked up with a cold stare; “no” responded the man harshly as he continued to pluck away at his steak and sip from Yuengling. I have been working for eight grueling hours on a Saturday night, but I smile submissively and tell him to enjoy his meal. Although this type of interaction has become methodical, there is no place I would rather work than the Clinton Country Club.

The Easter Bunny Essay Example

Two months ago on my seconds day as an employee at the C.C.C , I had finished setting up the grill room for Easter Brunch, by polishing every single piece of silverware with club soda. My boss came in elated and told me to put on the bunny suit. The costume was oversized, itchy and had a sour odor. I slipped on the body,feet and finally the head. I hopped out of the closet, remaining in character and satdown in the chair anxiously awaiting for people to enter. Parents encouraged their kids to take pictures with the bunny, even if they were my own age. The teens shook their heads in a panic, which did not make me feel any better about my current situation. A young boy in a columbia blue argyle sweater vest approached me with great awe. His name was Painter and he was fascinated with the bunny. I took a picture with him and he continued to follow me throughout the day. It was this moment that made the whole experience enjoyable: I made someone else happy.

“Hey Joe can I have a pink lemonade please?” I said to the bartender.

Within seconds I have another lemonade. The staff is close knit and really functions as a unite. We all need each other because jobs will not get accomplished without cooperation.Some nights we are left to our own direction to reset the rooms for the upcoming events.“Karl is in rare form tonight” says Lisa to the rest of the staff. The manager can occasionally be eccentric and not talk to anyone besides himself. It is then important that we stick together to form a safe haven against his harsh demeanor.

There is currently $2,500 in my bank account after two and half months of work. That money will be used to help pay for my college expenses. Although this money was earned with immensesacrifice such as time, friends and ego; the pay back is definitely worth the work. The constant reassurance from the members that “I’m working hard” or the generous cash tips gives me hope that I may just may make it.

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