The Economics of Slavery

4 April 2015
A study of the economic dependency on slavery in the Pre-Civil War South.

This paper describes that slavery was the foundation of the Southern socioeconomic society. It examines the way slave-owners referred to slaves as property, by the example of their bank records. The paper demonstrates that the Southern states sunk into a deep depression, because of the elimination of the institution of slavery.
“In writing the Constitution, the Founding Fathers addressed the issue of slavery in a compromising manner, but during the antebellum period, slavery became a more controversial issue. During both periods, many Americans understood that slavery could not easily be eliminated, because of its deep roots in American socioeconomic society. The institution of slavery was primarily economic in nature, as was apparent by the way slave owners referred to their slaves in terms of profits and production, the plethora of jobs surrounding slavery, and the inter-dependency of the states’ economies in regard to the institution of slavery”.

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