The Effect of Cyber Society on Personal Relationships

As more people opt for on-line relationships, they may find it more difficult to conduct face-to-face relationships.

This paper explains how the Information Highway will affect the society in a manner that cannot yet be imagined and instead of a means of uniting the world the author feels that the technological revolution is creating a divide within society furthering social stratification and changing the dynamics of interpersonal relationships.

From the paper:

“As the communications revolution reaches its climax the society is increasingly becoming virtual. Millions of Internet users are logging one every day and interacting with each other over the Internet. Where once socialization was limited within borders today, the society is increasingly becoming borderless as the Internet creates a global world. Chat systems like MSN and AOL Messenger, ICQ and MIRC have captured the people’s imagination and no longer is there a need to have personal face-to-face meetings. The interactive software’s allow a user to have web conferences, meetings and chat with more than one person at a time.

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The Effect of Cyber Society on Personal Relationships
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Society is becoming impersonal as concepts like ‘cyber love’ and ‘cyber world’ emerge. ”

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