The Effect of the American Civil War Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The American Civil War ( hereinafter referred to as war ) was fought by and between the Northerners and the Southerners on April 12. 1861 to April 9. 1865. The United States of America ( besides known and hereinafter referred to as the Union ) was led by the 16ThursdayPresident of the Union Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant represents the Northerners. The Confederate States of America ( besides known and hereinafter referred to as Confederacy ) led by the first and lone President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee represents the Southerners. The war broke out when the 11 ( 11 ) southern provinces which consented and favored bondage seceded from the Union and formed their Confederate states. Fort Sumter located in South Carolina was so attacked by Confederacy forces. which is a federal military installing. The war lasted for about four old ages.

The series of conflicts that was fought chiefly in southern parts of the United States of America had affected the lives of many civilians. In general. most southerner civilians had more direct exposure to the war than most of the Northerner civilians. Harmonizing to Cashin ( 2002 ) “Southerners lived through the dissolution of basic societal and economic establishments. including of class. bondage. Northerners witnessed the reorganisation of society to contend the war. And citizens of the boundary line parts grappled with elemental inquiries of trueness that reached into the household itself. ”

The Effect of the American Civil War Essay Sample Essay Example

While the Northerner civilians were supportive of the Civil War. some of the Southerner civilians internally dissent it. This war affected the Southerners largely including the household and community. the traditional gender functions. the saving of pre-war civilization. the racial patterns of the Southerners. This internal dissent was clearly expressed in their torment experienced during the war. This is really apparent in the lives and households of Confederate widows.

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