The Effectiveness of Seat Belt Laws

4 April 2015
A paper which shows both sides of the arguments on the mandatory seat belt law issue.

The paper shows that the dispute over laws requiring seat belt use is not on the basis of safety. Almost everyone agrees that seat belts can prevent injury or death. Rather, opponents point to the issue of personal choice. The paper discusses that how people perceive mandatory seat belt laws also reflect ones attitude and value system that is shaped by their environment, knowledge and experience. This paper reveals how the acceptance of seat belt laws varies across racial, gender and age. Furthermore, this study analyzes how people respond to mandatory seat belts laws based on knowledge and experience. Additionally, of those who favor seat belt laws to what extent is their support.
“There were also some fundamental differences in the way women and men responded the questions. The results of the survey showed that the majority of women support seat belt laws (91%), which is 11% higher than the support indicated by men. The majority of women also favor fines for those who are caught without wearing a seat belt, as two-thirds of the women polled hold this belief. More females than males also believed that if they were stopped for not wearing at seat belt and ticketed, that the ticket would be adequate and well deserved. ”
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