The Effects of Globalization

The paper discusses the potential effects globalization will have on the world.

Globalization in general refers to the ways in which capital, people, information and images and culture now flow back and forth across national borders with a greater ease and greater rapidity than they had before. This paper examines what the implications of such exchanges are and what are some of the most serious consequences of a world with such permeable borders, especially in terms of human rights and the environment.
“NAFTA has helped to produce a world in which workers are now linked across national borders through the globalization of production. In other words, NAFTA has allowed jobs that once belonged Americans to be sent to other countries which has detrimental short-term effects on Americans as well as detrimental long-term effects on the workers of all the countries involved. And to short-term and long-term harm to the environment that we all share.

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All people find themselves increasing connected in this world. The clothes someone wears might well have been sewn in a country thousands of miles away of fiber grown in a third country.”

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