The effects of growing up with a personal computer

During the past five decades the computer has been rapidly advanced. From the first generation to the personal computer, it’s incredible that the speed of computer’s swelling is so fast . It makes people startle. Early computer were of great size, now state-of-the-art personal computers are on the small side and it would be a fantastic experience. Recent years the personal computer’s commercials are more and more wonderful, different kinds of shapes are cool or cute in order to attract young people and increase their market shares.

The personal computer is a rip-off before, but now it is cheaper than before, because we can cut taxes under the WTO framework and many computer shops are on sale, besides, we can pay with a credit card, so many people can afford it. Most college students have their personal computers now. It’s spectacular that most students use their personal computer in the library. But the growing up of a personal computer has two sides.

On one hand, the personal computer is useful for students to make full use of the Internet to study the knowledge. And I love the Twilight Saga episodes, I enjoy the theme song, the plots, the settings and everything, so when I was very tired on my study, I can watch the movies quickly with my personal computer no matter where I stayed. When I was at high school, I always pay much my monthly allowance to the Internet bar to search some information. So I’m always in a jam and hard up in that time.

I need a bundle of money to pay for it. Therefore have a personal computer is necessary. On the other hand, the personal computer sometimes makes us bug. Firstly, it makes the student crazy about surfing the Internet when we have a PC. Secondly, the personal computer may cause a coward. The people pay more time on online chatting and tuck themselves in their cavities that unnerve them to keep touch with others in real world. Occasionally it would cause a suicide.

Meanwhile the personal computer is easy to take up, so sometimes have burglary accidents in school, the society should crack down this behavior. In my opinions, every coin has two sides, but they are not contradictory. We should use the personal computer in right way to make our life more beautiful and contribute to societal well-being. The Tense Relationship between the Doctor and the Patient Just imagine the doctor and the patient in the inward, both with a cold expres

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