The Effects of Illegal Immigration

An amnesty sends the message that it is okay to break the law, eventually, it says, you will be forgiven, even rewarded for doing so. It makes a mockery of the legal immigration process, wherein those who obey the rules wait years to immigrate instead of hopping the border and hoping for absolution later. By 2002 the school population had grown from 49 million students to 55 million students because of immigration. β€œThe estimated cost to the American taxpayers for the education of immigrant children is $30 billion a year.

Since 1980 nearly one third of Arizona children have immigrant parents, seven percent of those children are foreign born. This invasion of immigrants and their children are contributing to severe overcrowding of schools. ” (FAIR) In Phoenix, schools are so crowded that students have to go to class in a former mall and there are over 700 elementary school children going to school in an old grocery store. The total K-12 school expenditure for illegal immigrants costs the state’s 74 billion annually, which is enough to buy a computer for every junior high student nationwide. Poor English skills among foreign born residents cost more than $175 billion a year in lost productivity, wagers, tax revenues, and unemployment compensation.

I support an immediate halt to illegal entry into our country, and the repatriation of those residing illegally in our country and in my home state. As congressman Barbara Jordan said, β€œIt is both a right and a responsibility of a democratic society to manage immigration so that it serves the national interest. ” I feel that the only way we can stabilize the United States population is to return immigration numbers to a sustainable replacement level. The process of Americanizing is crucial for our American economy and nationhood. References Huddle, Donald (October 1996). The Net costs of Immigration.

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