The Effects of Plastic Bags on Environment

The usage of the plastic becomes more negative effects on the health and environment. It affected by plastic bags because we dispose of all of them incorrectly and harmful when using in large quantity and also because of the unaware of the consequences of using the plastic bags. This part needed to be alert because plastic bags are always used and then it also will be exposed us to the dangerous by continuing of using the plastic bags. Therefore, by changing our ways of life can help to reduce the harmful which is effected to the human and others.As people know, plastic is chemical materials which pose to the environmental problem such as air pollution and drainage blockage problem.

The plastic pollution can cause many problems such as a disease which are very costly to treat and it also will be difficult to manage. Before this happened, why not we need to be aware of ourselves and the surrounding from everything that can be happened. Next, when the burning of the plastics it can cause the air pollution. From the burning of plastics, there are too much of the dangerous gas contained in it. The pollutants also can affect the ozone layer and global warming. It also can affect the human’s health. Plastics are composed of petrochemicals that can produce the acid rain as the chemicals released into the atmosphere.

Next, if too much of the plastics in the drain it may affect to the drainage system. That’s why plastics is the either one of the factors that can cause the blockage of the drainage system. This will happen especially during the rainy seasons and also cause the flooding. Lastly, maybe our country will the loss of tourism. Can be highlighted here, nobody wants to interact with the dirty environment.After that, to overcome the problem of the plastic issue, we need to find the alternative ways to overcome this problem. Biodegradable is the one best way that can be used to protect the environment from the harmful materials and waste material.

For example, using the reusable bags made of other fabrics instead of using plastic is also the best way that can reduce the air pollution. This is because this fabrics are environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly to reduce waste. Next steps are the most important that need to be alert is proper waste disposal, which is throwing the plastics in the placed that already served. When used all the methods, it will reduce the usage of the plastic bags. Besides that, do the recycle method where are separate the collecting wasted based on the dustbin. This method also can reduce the drainage blockage problems and air pollution can be prevented. Other than that, do the campaign that can encourage people to use less harmful material and use more materials that good for nature than use the scientific method such as for reducing, reuse and recycle.

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