The Effects of the Popular Media on Children

4 April 2015
This paper investigates the effect that violence in the media has on young children.

This paper looks at the issue of increased violent tendencies found in increasingly younger children in today’s society. The author reviews several different studies that have been conducted on the subject and substantiate the thesis that violence on television has a profound impact on younger children. Television has become more violent and children are, watching more of it, which in this author’s opinion, has contributed to the increase in violent behavior in children. Several studies and their results are presented in order to help the reader understand the possible roots of the problem, to present possible solutions to present and future problems that plague society because of the increasing influence of television in our lives.
“Children are much smarter these days than children of the previous generation. Children are bombarded with images on TV, the Internet, etc. and parents have less time these days to filter out any negative or adverse images and experiences. And with the exponentially-advancing technological age, in many cases children derive their education, not just from school or their family but through nameless, faceless CEOs who want to sell a product, service or form of entertainment any which way they can. Children are expected to digest and analyze a lot of information thrown at them everyday. In that sense, children today are more streetwise and discerning than the children in previous generations. Therefore, it stands to reason that effects of media violence on younger children would be more pronounced than for children who are in their pre- or post-adolescent years.”
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