What are the main elements of Japanese bushido? Courage, Kindness, Support the arts, education & loyalty. 2. What are the main elements of European chivalry? Loyalty, Courage, Generosity to feeble, Champion a lady & Defend the Church. 3. Which of the elements of bushido and chivalry would work well for a code of chivalry in todays world? Explain. 4. Elements like Courage, Loyalty, and Generosity would work very well for a code of chivalry in todays world. These are great attributes from both the Japanese Bushido and European Chivalry.

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Basically both of the codes were based on a form of honor nd trust. Because the Samurai protected the peasants and nobles while the peasants fed the Samurai and the nobles paid the Samurai. The same goes for the European Chivalry but instead of Samurai they were Knights that fought in battle and were fed by the peasants. If the world was based on chivalry acts like the European Chivalry and the Japanese Bushido then honor as a whole would be more respected worldwide. 02. 08 Comparitive History: Eastern and Western Assessment Your Elements Which culture influenced it?

Why is it helpful in todays world? Example: oyalty to your government The bushido of Japan and the chivalry of Europe both emphasized strong loyalty to a Lord. Strong loyalty to your government promotes involvement in civic and societal issues and promotes a willingness to work together to solve problems. Kindness The Bushido of Japan influenced kindness. When you are kind to a person chances are they will think that you are a nice warm heated individual and if for instance you are in a dilemma the ones that you were the kindest to will be the ones that are there for you in times of trouble. . Generosity to Feeble Generosity to FeeDle was Innuencea Dy European cnlvalry. If you receive something one should feel generous because if you aren’t generous to others many will think you are ungrateful and selfish person. 3. Education Education was influenced by the Japanese Bushido. If you are eligible to get and education it iswell recommended in todays society and economy. Education will definitely help anyone get very far in life. It opens up many door and opportunities for better Jobs and income. 4. Defend the Church Defending the Church was influenced by the European Chivalry.

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This is a mandatory lement to have ina functioning society because without the church there wouldn’t be a place where people could practice their own religion and the world would be Chaos. 5. Courage in Battle Courage in Battle was influenced by both the Bushido of Japan and the European Chivalry Without courageous people there wouldn’t be barely and freedom in the USA because everyone would be scared to go to war with our enemies and there would be any brave soldier to fght for our countries and I thank each and every chivalrous person that fghts in our wars to keep our country safe from danger.

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