The Elizabethan Tragedy

4 April 2015
An examination of Elizabethan as opposed to Shakespearean tragedy.

This essay discusses the main differences between Elizabethan and Greek tragedy by examining Shakespeare’s poems and plays. The writer examines the use of violence on stage in Shakespearean tragedy as opposed to Elizabethan’s.
“There are various differences between Elizabethan tragedy, particularly through the works of Shakespeare, and Greek Tragedy. Some of these include the mixing of prose and Poetry, the linear formula of a character with a suffers from a tragic flaw, which leads to the character’s downfall, versus the Elizabethan idea of the Wheel of Fortune. However, one of the largest dramatic differences between Greek tragedy and Shakespearean tragedy has to be the use of violence on stage. And what it boils down to is that the perfect combination of dialogue and action that Shakespeare uses in Othello can be more powerful than just the allusion, emotion, and metaphor that Sophocles uses in Oedipus the King.”

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