The Emperors Club

6 June 2017

The bigger mistake was letting Cedric go on through his student life without the professor doing something about his cheating and isbehaviours. Even if the professor caught Cedric cheating and doing pranks and disrespectful acts to his teachers, co-students and to his school, he still tolerated the bad acts of the child and didn’t do anything to correct and sanction Cedric even if he knew that it must be corrected and reprimanded. Giving Cedric something he doesn’t deserve in the first place and not reprimanding him is a huge crime already.

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These served as the primary causes for the child to carry on through his wicked character and attitude. Cedric grew up knowing that he could get anything easily even if he didn’t deserve it and that he could get away with anything without him being lectured/ reprimanded to. Everything rooted from his school days. If I were the professor, I never would have given a child something that he/she doesn’t deserve. Giving something they don’t deserve results to them believing that they could get anything they want without them exerting an honest and diligent work.

Also, supposing that I am in the position of catching a child cheating and doing pranks, I ould reprimand that child right away and give him/ her due sanction. Letting the child believe that he/ she can get away with anything (even bad behaviour) can lead to disastrous outcomes that they could carry on until they grow older. Being an educator is tough. We are torn between our love for our students (children) and our attempt to be parents and strict mentors to them. Letting a child fall and get hurt out of their own misdemeanours are some of the best ways and traits of being a great teacher.

Let the students suffer the consequences of their bad doings and let them see that we, teachers, reprimand them if we see them do misbehaviours. If students see that teachers correct, reprimand and give sanctions right away especially when the students know that the teachers know what they did, teachers earn the students’ respect. Their moral values shall be honed to be strong all throughout their growing up years too because they know that bad behaviour shall not be tolerated and good attitude and character matters most. The Emperors Club By inaorate

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