The English Play

1 January 2019

From hanging out with friends in the nearby coffee shop to daydreaming of “making it big” as a rock star, the last few years have been a rollercoaster ride. I am tormented with questions such as who am I and what am I doing here.

During the last year at school, I took up the challenging task of directing the English play for the Annual Inter House Dramatics Competition. It is said to be the most grueling, mind boggling but equally rewarding tasks that one can ever take up in the competition. After several discussions with my vice-captain and English Teacher, the play was selected and the cast was confirmed. I had thought of all the “perfect ideas” such as the “perfect props”, the “perfect delivery of certain dialogues” and the “perfect effects” All and all it was going to be “perfect”.

I discussed my ideas with the crew members and my vice captain. Everybody seemed pleased with thoughts and also suggested a few. These I took into careful considerations and made sure that my crew members’ suggestions were incorporated.

But little did I know that my “perfect plan” was not perfect according to my English teacher who was in charge of my House. Even though it was supposed to be a completely student based activity, my English teacher poked her nose in the production.

All of us wanted to win and this was made crystal clear by my English teacher. She changed our entire plan into something we could not understand. There was a lot of confusion among the actors and crew members. I was torn between listening to the complaints of the fellow students and obeying my teacher. But soon I realized that the way we were practicing would lead us no where.

So, the next morning, I mustered up all my courage, practiced what I was going to say her and finally made the journey of my life to the staff room. I discussed with my teacher about the confusion being caused, the unsatisfied actors and how her interference was causing havoc and frustration.

As I waited for my teacher to reply, I prepared myself for the ultimate blow. But she just smiled and said that I had done a good thing bringing this to her attention. In the evening she called a meeting and told crew to continue with previous plans and that it was a student based production. But as she left she reminded us that our “perfect plan” should bag us the first place.

Though we came second in the English play competition; I realized that I had got more out the whole experience than I had hoped for. I realized that I had the mettle to confront problems; I could work under pressure and was a team worker.

I still visit my English teacher and each time her face reminds me of that terrifying walk to the staff room.

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