The Enlightenment & The Romanticism Movement

Examines ideas of Franklin L. Baumer, James MacGregor Burns & Francis Fukuyama on intellectual connections between 18th Cent. Enlightenment & Romantic Movement of 19th Cent. Philosophy, religion, leadership, politics, revolution.

The purpose of this research is to examine connections in intellectual history between the ideas of the Enlightenment and those of Romanticism, through the work of Franklin L. Baumer, James MacGregor Burns, and Francis Fukuyama. The plan of the research will be to set forth the thesis, assumption, and evidence of Baumer regarding the relationships between the Enlightenment and Romantic ways of thinking, and then to discuss how Burns’s ideas of moral and transformational leadership and Fukuyama’s ideas of social philosophy may be said to reflect Baumer’s elaboration of continuity and change in Western thought since the period following the late Renaissance.
Any examination of the Enlightenment and Romanticism as critical forces in European intellectual history involves looking at decisive forces that have shaped individual and mass ..
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