The Essential Billy Joel by Billy Joel

7 July 2019

The Essential…REVIEW

This album, since it obtains all the most popular songs of Billy Joel’s musical career, its track selection is a compilation of his most revolutionary, powerful, and inspirational music.

My first experience with this album was how each song had a specific theme as if involuntarily made unlike many artists which as an overall theme for one album. While analyzing the tracks a bit more carefully, their are many ideas and personal inspirations through each song mainly because these songs came from over two decades of music which provides many different themes and perspectives ranging within the twenty year difference.

Billy Joel, a pop and rock American New York artist who studied piano at a young age was so talented that before he was able to have his driver’s license he joined his third band. First having his “Big Break” Cold Spring Harbor, released in 1971 though unsuccessful, came back with 1973’s Piano Man, featuring hits like “Piano Man” and “Captain Jack.

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” (which were some of his most successful songs).

The name of this double platinum album is “The Essential Billy Joel.”(October 2, 2001.) Other artists who shares his musical intellect, rhythmic portrayal, would be Elton John, Phil Collins, and Rod Stewart. The album is rather enjoyable, catchy, and emits such a positive message. Since its a compilation they’re dynamic variations of rhythm and musical intuition is what you may expect through this album. If you’re not one for variations on an album or a lay-back listening approach with positive messages this wouldn’t per say be for you.

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