The Ethics of the Commodification of the Human Life Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The cardinal intent to life is for reproduction of new life. The emerging engineerings are accessible to households that are able to afford to make kid to their petition. The birthrate industry contributes a universe full of jobs. Children have become a new industrial line of trade goods in which the affluent consumer. who yearns for the merchandise is able to take their ain features desired to suit into a little interior decorator child bundle. Technology has allowed kids to be moulded by their genotypes and phenotypes. puting high criterions for their hereafter defenders who have invested a brawny sum of money and petitions toward that single prior to their bringing into the universe.

Capitalistic positions run society and make an environment where we turn our moralss into the developing engineering instead than incorporating engineering with our ethical criterions ( Somerville 74 ) . Persons have a clip bound in which they are able to efficaciously bring forth healthy kids. It has been argued that society has turned to the birthrate industry because we are threatened to take life for another possible homo being or to populate without reproducing ( Norman 2006 ) .

This determination places persons within a hard place to take between their ain natural inherent aptitudes for reproduction or to be stripped off the natural intent of life. These determinations should non be problematic ; society has been of course endowed with the ability to reproduce prior to the engineering available. non to be traded in pecuniary financess. Margaret Somerville and other faculty members have argued with new technological promotions that we have lost the significance of life toward the individual’s selfish wants to be solved by scientific discipline. in which boils down to fiscal determinism to take our kids instead than religion.

Science has become the Jesus in the eyes of the wealth society. Society has it implanted in their head that with our human inventiveness. any job that may originate can be solved. However. scientific discipline has threatened the archetypal criterion of life. The short term benefits are clear to piece the uncomfortablenesss of our lives. yet the gradual costs that society incurs. scientific discipline has created irreversible jobs. It has been relevant and rational to see scientific discipline when our significance of life is threatened ( Blackford 2006 ) .

When households feel they are no able to lend through reproduction. the relevancy and reason diverts households to desperately seek for an immediate solution. One of the jobs that arise is that scientific discipline has changes the functions in society by interrupting off ties that are involved in the procedure of reproduction. and creates new ties with scientific discipline that shift beyond necessity and go a larger menace to the cardinal relationships that have been finely framed by natural reproduction.

The entree that has become available through scientific discipline has our most natural procedure of reproduction questioned ethically as society displacements into the commodification of human life. This essay will research the ethical motivations. societal interactions. household civilization and economic facets in which Margaret Somerville has argued as ethically immoral through her surveies with the support of other academic bookmans.

Ethical motives are questioned when scientific discipline is merely low-cost to the wealthy to make kids harmonizing to a catalogue of possibilities. The common land among society is the certainty of birth and decease to happen. However. the affluent uses the methods available through engineering to construe the common land and to fiddle with scientific discipline to guarantee that the bound in carry throughing their significance of life is reached. Society portions basic cardinal moralss in the signifier of Torahs. Such as the act of killing a human being is unacceptable universally. nevertheless it is allowable for a human being to be allowed to decease easy and endure the inevitable immature decease ( Freeman 2006 ) . The developments of those beliefs have revolved to widen lives to their full capacity at any extent. There is no bound in finding the thoughts considered ethical and the boundary line liner unacceptable.

The ethical motives society trades with are the constructs of utilitarianism mentioning to making the greatest benefit for a big figure of people. When households are unable to of course gestate. they are faced to take between their ethical beliefs and reproducing without sing the effects caused for another individual elsewhere. The procedure of making a kid supported by engineering utilizations resources from other kids around the Earth who are unable to last as their resources deplete.

Affluent households feel obligated toward scientific discipline for replies to carry through their craving with eager consent to have the “designer child” merchandise without much cognition of the procedure. Although informed consent is an ethical pillar of generative medical specialty. the thought has non been to the full grasped the full cost to society due to the deficiency of cognition in society to hold on refering to the medical information models of the process that will be endured ( Resnik 2006 ) . Ethical motives have adjusted due to the huge information presented that enables merely specialised groups to to the full grok the information.

Within society alterations have altered the interactions among persons and households. The relationships that have been changed are among the basic basiss of society. such as within the household scene and the initial puting up of a household. The interactions socially that antecedently united two people together through sexual intercourse is disregarded with new engineering that reproductions without sexual intercourse. This creates an political orientation within people to handle sexual intercourse as a insouciant act of pleasance instead than with a deeper significance.

The deeper significance is lost and the procedure of making a passageway for new human existences to be brought into the universe is destroyed ( Norman 1996 ) . The grasp of the indefinable. legion qualities that human beings’ possess have been discarded ( Somerville 186 ) . Society disregards the echt demand to develop traditional relationships and to make new relationships. This is made possible through the procedure of making future coevalss by taking attractive cistrons and avoiding cistrons that are non widely encouraged ( Somerville 131 ) .

This procedure eliminates fluctuation and exposes society to dangers of judgement toward minorities and possibility the inability to accommodate to new strains of diseases. if the desired cistrons are common among a big group of people and uneffective in supporting against diseases. By depending on scientific discipline. society has loss the demand to organize relationships among other persons in society and creates a loss of sense to go on with life as a human being. placing the intent of life and most significantly. the significance of life ( Somerville 140 ) .

Relationships that have been greatly affected by the inventiveness of the human head are households. Families have the greatest impact in “designer children” . The relationships have been twisted and changed among all persons in the household block. The communicating that is required for parents to reproduce does non necessitate to be for a kid to be brought into the universe. The affinity bonds that are created by cistrons do non necessitate that kids and parents have to be acknowledged because scientific discipline allows reproduction to link anyplace within the universe without persons need to face each other. The jobs that arise from leting parents to derive entree to catalogue cistrons and pick traits that are desirable from all around the universe.

The thought of Parental Expectations Critique is born ; the review interferes with the child’s ability to do free picks by increasing parental outlooks and demands ( Resnik 2006 ) . Parents are unable to liberate themselves from the outlooks that have been endowed on their kids from the investings that were made to hone their “designer child” harmonizing to their penchant ( Somerville 131 ) . Parents should non be able to command the lives of unborn human existences prior to their ability to be given a opportunity to last through traditional development due to their fiscal position. We need to protect the background conditions of the relationships within our household that have been created through the procedure of reproduction that created significance in the lives of people ( Blackford 2006 ) .

The beginning of all our jobs is non rooted in scientific discipline. Science is the reply society uses to work out jobs that have been a enigma. Society is asleep to engineering as the solution becomes available or society becomes excessively familiar and rationalized on the engineering in their lives ( Blackford 2006 ) . The root of the job is the maltreatment of the power of money. The economic growing that has been planted in the heads of societies and creates the demand to scamper for garbages of any income. Society turns to the birthrate industry to authorise their lives with significance by reproducing.

The birthrate industry delivers speedy solutions that are manipulated to be considered necessary for our lives by selling gametes. embryos. foetuss. and the leasing uterus’ of alternate female parents ( Somerville 128 ) . These thoughts are seen as unethical yet the desire has been turning to fuel the industry. Society acknowledges that a budget prevents us from set abouting another action society attentions about ( Freeman 2006 ) . It has become a beguiling act between taking precedences among life or among populating a life without reproduction. Society is non prepared to accept losing the cardinal significance of life which has guided their determinations and actions in the yesteryear.

The ethical issues that have risen from society’s dependance on scientific discipline have created a demand for persons such as Margaret Somerville to voice her sentiment to oppugn society to reflect on their determinations and see the overall effects. Margaret Somerville is supported by other faculty members that attempt to make consciousness for society within footings that society can grok such as popularising their books to fascinate the heads of other persons and inquiry society’s moralss.

Margaret Somerville has been successful in her journey to make consciousness as it has been acknowledge by international organisations such as UNESCO and she has been awarded the Avicenna Prize for Ethics in Science in her surveies ( UNESCO 2004 ) . Besides. behind Margaret Somerville’s political orientation there are other organisations such as the International Bioethics Committee that have become to make a bill of exchange of “Social Responsibility and Health” ( UNESCO 2009 ) . These are enterprises that are being taken to guarantee that society reflects and can grok the effects of their determinations.

Margaret Somerville is one individual taking the enterprise to carry people to see society as an incorporate system that is affected by other people’s actions. With her attempts and other groups such as UNESCO and the International Bioethics Committee. the consciousness developed internationally assists people in going aware of the jobs that arise and the demand to implement their political orientations instead than let engineering to model their beliefs. We need to see the utilitarianism political orientation to profit the greatest figure of people instead than for one single act on selfish desires.

Developing engineerings should be abandoned because there are kids that do non hold the chance to be blessed with households yet there are affluent people who are seeking beyond their natural agencies to make kids. There are options that will indue people with their significance of life when believing about nurturing of kids such as acceptance to make kinship relationships. alternatively of turning to science in an over populated universe in which a crisis arises due to engineering that aid in the unnatural reproduction of another human being.

Society has twisted life to be viewed as a trade good instead than the gift it was perceived as in the yesteryear. The invaluable gift of life is now perceived in pecuniary steps instead than the additions emotionally that can non be measured or traded. Margaret Somerville attempts through her research to bring forth within society the thought that the most beautiful facets of our lives should frequently evade account ( Somerville 187 ) . Science is a speedy solution to a job that exists but when society is able to measure the long-run factors in life. society is so able to make significance to life.

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