The European Union

A look into the workings and structure of the European Union.

This paper examines the formation and development of the European Union. The author attempts to investigate this union as a benefiting body to its members and looks into its advantages and disadvantages.
“Integrating all phases of the European Union is, and is going to be, an interesting mixture of economic, political, foreign policy and security concessions. Unfortunately, as third-party observers, the American public is really exposed to the economic concessions, such as GATT. Also, the American point of view of the integration of Europe is mixed because we haven’t had to deal with conceding nationalism for greater economic and foreign considerations. However, in this new era of globalization, combined with the political and economic vacuum that the dissolving of the Eastern Bloc has created, this is a logical end to the question of what is going to restore the balance of power that the fall of communism has tipped.

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Through looking at the advantages and disadvantages the European Union will provide its members, conclusions can be drawn with regard to what the European Union can do as a collective power, without stepping on the autonomy of the nation-states of Europe.”

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