The Eve of St. Agnes

4 April 2015
A critical analysis of the poem “The Eve of St. Agnes” by John Keats.

The paper focuses on the themes of struggle through adversity and triumph over hardship, which are evident in Keats’ poem. The writer of the paper puts himself in Porphyro’s shoes and identifies with the protagonist of the poem in terms of the obstacles he has to overcome in his own life. The paper moves through the poem, comparing parts of it to his/her own experiences of goal attainment.
“John Keats’ The Eve of St. Agnes invokes feelings of struggle through adversity and triumph over hardship. The entire poem reads almost like one of Hercules’ challenges, and although the ending seems quite inevitable at times, the language Keats employs en route to that
ending keeps the reader on edge throughout. As a reader, I put myself in Porphyro’s shoes through Keats’ strong imagery and I find myself striving to overcome obstacles in my own life as Porphyro does in the poem.”

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