The Evolution of American Government

4 April 2015
This essay discusses the origins of American government.

This paper concentrates on the evolution of American government since the beginning of the republic. The historical model is discussed as well as the transition to the modern form of government. Subsequently, the modern form of American government is analyzed with particular attention paid to the differences between the traditional and modern forms of government. Each specific branch of government is explored as well as interest group politics.
From the paper:

?Although a relatively new country, the United States of America has a political system rich in history. In many ways the Founding Fathers were political pioneers, attempting to establish a form of government that would successfully balance the desire for strong personal liberties with the obvious need for a reasonably strong central government. The system they established was unique and, although very resistant to change, continues to provide solid guidance for government 200 years after its origin. Nonetheless, the United States political system has necessarily evolved to meet the changing needs of the Republic. This evolution of government can be clearly seen by examining the old system of politics as well as the new era of government.?

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