The Evolution of Racial Equality

4 April 2015
This paper describes the gradual acceptance of African-Americans into society from the Civil War to 1960.

This paper explains how racism has played a major role in shaping our country by forcing African Americans citizens to achieve beyond the norm of society in order to gain cultural acceptance from whites. The author uses the films “Remember the Titans” and “Glory” to argue his case.
“In “Remember the Titans” a single feat was enough to win black members of the Titan football team cultural acceptance in a small community. This single event, however, did nothing for the entire African American race on a global scale. Blacks simply won another “small battle in a big war.” Thus, the event was forgotten and underlying feelings of race seemed as if they would exist forever. Perhaps as Peffly and Hurwitz suggest, “African Americans need to focus less on trying to stand out, rather they need to devote their efforts toward conformity in order to be fully accepted” (Peffley 30). ”
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