The Exorcist

4 April 2015
A look into horror movies with a focus on the film, “The Exorcist”.

This paper examines the genre of horror movies with focus on the movie “The Exorcist”. The author provides detailed analysis o the film, its events and characters and explains how and why this film falls into the category of horror genre films arousing images and superstitions and reflecting thoughts from our psyches and our personal and social world.
“Horror is genre that can be defined under certain character types and story elements. The horror movies can be supernatural, biological or psychological. It can take place almost anywhere. The horror film becomes a reflection of the fears of the audience who cannot face the reality or fears that they have in their life. In the horror films they see a method to face their fears. It is a function by which reality is transformed into fantasy and faced with bravado. The horror genre projects images of our superstitions as the points of focus: our own psyches, science and technology, pain, death, the dead and all forms of hostile forces which may at any moment intrude upon our patched up social and personal worlds. Thus, they are most feared and most appreciated. The Exorcist was one such movie.”

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