The Factors of Gangsterism

5 May 2017

Nowadays, there are lot of cases that involve students in gangsterism. According to Curry and Spergel (1990), gangsterism is defined as a crowd or collectively of person with a common identity who cooperate in clique or sometime as a whole group on a fairly regular basis and whose activities the society may view in varying degrees as rightful, illegal, immoral, or some combination. The problem of gangsterism among students of fully residential schools careful studies before effective action can be aken to overcome it.

There are a few factors why students involve in gangsterims in school that are mind controlling, bullying, and beating each other. The main factors of gangsterism are beating and gamble. Due to chief Deputy of Comm. Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Sharif, said four boys who are understand to sit for their SPM exam this year were under arrest over kidnapping and beating of Lim Bing Li,17. He said that students should not mixed up with in gangs and they would not stand for gang linked crime and use all existing laws to catch those mixed up in activity.

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Some of the school students likes to huge in gamble until they cannot pay for it. As a result of teen gambling, there more teens with debts that they cannot hope for repayment, and a link to stealing and lying. Gambling is an addiction, and gamblers may spend more time on that activity, and less on schoolworks and building relationships with family and friends. On the other hand, gambling is related to other behaviours and factors such as poor academic performance, state in which at least of gambling are lawful.

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