The faculty of mathematics of Irkutsk State University

9 September 2017

1. The module of mathematics was set up a twelvemonth after the constitution of Irkutsk State University, in 1919.

2. It occupied the edifice of the East Siberian Institute for misss of baronial beginning.

3. First, it was the module of natural philosophies and mathematics.

4. Later it was decided to hold two modules, the module of natural philosophies and the module of mathematics.

5. It happened in 1965.

6. The first dean of the mathematical module was Professor Vladimir Vasilyev.

7. In 1959 a computing machine centre was set up at the University, and University pupils began analyzing computing machines and scheduling.

8. In 1997 the Internet Center was set up on the footing of our University Computer Center.

9. And Now University pupils have a free entree to Internet and World Wide Web.

10. In 1998 our module was reformed, and the Institute of mathematics and Economics was set up.

11. Its manager is Professor Oleg Vasilyev, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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12. Students are trained in three fortes ; they are mathematics, applied mathematics, mathematical methods and operations research in economic system.

13. Our pupil

s study many particular topics and humanistic disciplines, excessively.

14. They are mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry and topology, differential equations, the theory of chance, mathematical mold, numerical methods, operations research, and system analyses, optimisation and optimal direction, mathematical cybernetics, mathematical package, and others.

15. As for humanistic disciplines, they are the Russian and the English linguistic communications, History and doctrine.

16. There are 13 sections at the Institute.

17. They are headed by Professors and adjunct professors, such as Vasilyev, Bludov, Zaharova, Mantsivoda and others.

18. I specialize in mathematics.

19. When at school I got interested in mathematical scientific disciplines and after completing school I entered the institute of mathematics and economic sciences.

20. After graduating from the University I ‘ll be a instructor of mathematics.

21. Students of mathematics have their school pattern every twelvemonth.

22. I like my future profession and I do my best to acquire profound ( deep ) cognition in it.

23. Our pupils besides go in for athleticss, attend different pupils nines and take an active portion in the life of the University.

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