The Fall of The Romanov Dynasty

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the Romanov Dynasty and events leading up to its fall.

This extensive paper takes a look at the 300 year rule of the Romanov Dynasty on Russia. The Tzars are each examined for their influence and effect on the area and population. An historical background is described and events leading up to the fall of the Dynasty are detailed – including thorough explanations of events such as the Revolution.

From the paper:

“The Fall of the Romanov Empire was a result of a refusal to move into the modern industrial age. This in turn presented logistical concerns in their ability to keep their vast territory. A succession of weak leadership in the final days sealed the fate of the once great Romanov Empire. Leadership with better foresight and a greater concern for the needs of the people would have prevented the decline of the Empire and they would have been able to survive World War I, with their aristocracy intact.

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“he Romanovs ruled Russia for 300 years and built one of the greatest Empires in all of history. The first Romanov Tzar was Mikhail Feodorovich. At this time the empire already encompassed 2.3 million square miles. By the time Nicholas II ascended the throne, in 1894 becoming the last Romanov Tzar, the Russian Empire encompassed 8.5 million square miles. At its peak the empire stretched from Poland to Alaska, and south to California, nearly two thirds of the globe. This provided them with great wealth, and also great logistic and administrative problems as well, which later led to its abrupt end. ”

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