the Fame – Fame Monster by Lady Gaga

8 August 2019

With her crazy unique styles and voice, Lady Gaga has risen to the top of the music charts. Most people either lover her or hate her style or music (or both), but it’s obvious that people are liking her because she’s selling cds and has made a name for herself. With the advent of her new album The Fame Monster her popularity seems to just keep growing.

She cites her music (especially her first album) as a reflection of pop culture today and I would agree whole-heartedly with her statement. With songs like “Paparazzi” and “Just Dance” her music from the first album The Fame reflects how celebrities are looked up to. “Just Dance” is an awesome song that basically says that no matter what problems you have you can work threw them in the end and to just be optimistic. Most people only know her from her songs in the mainstream media but if they picked up her album they would see that she has many different songs and she has a wide range of vocal talents. My favorite song she sings is the song “Vanity” probably because some of the lyrics and everything besides the beats that she uses in the song speak to me. Her lyrics may not make sense all the time but they are exquisitely chosen to go specifically with the beats that she creates.

the Fame – Fame Monster by Lady Gaga Essay Example

Her sense of style is just as unique as her music. For one thing she loves weird old fashioned sunglasses and it’s rare to see her without a pair. She loses some every so often during concerts and such and she eventually gets them returned to her but instead of keeping them she signs them and gives them right back (by the way these sunglasses usually are in the thousand dollar price range). She loves the styles from the 70’s and 60’s and loves to support her fellow artists, so she wears the fashions of new and up and coming designers to help them get their names out there. She also notoriously hates wearing pants and almost never wears them (aside from the “Love Game” music video). Many of her outfits were designed to go with her performances on stage during her concerts which she thinks of as burlesque and theatrical. She wrote the full first album with performing it on stage in mind and she even went as far to giving each song a color theme for the outfits it’s performed in.

Many people and the media think of Lady Gaga as a psycho freak who is trying to imitate Madonna and who can’t sing. I believe that she does have a good voice but all everyone ever hears from her are those really pop songs she writes because that’s all the radios will play from her and that her album has songs that better demonstrate her vocal talents . Everyone was ok with her when she wrote songs for their favorite singers like Britney spears and Beyonce. In regards to her fashion sense she received the Stylemaker award for being unique and elegant with her styles.

Personally I believe that everyone who doesn’t like her music just writes her off. I used to hate every time someone mentioned her name because everyone was talking about her everywhere. One night though I listened to her “Poker Face” song while playing basketball at a friend’s house when I realized that whoever was singing actually did have talent and the song was catchy. I asked my friend who sung this and he responded “Lady Gaga.” I was like’ whoa seriously? After that I did some musical “research” and looked up her music and found out more about her and once I grew an understanding of her I liked her and her music. If everyone would just be open-minded or do a little research instead of letting the media tell them what to think they would possibly come to like her like I did.

Despite everyone’s supposed dislike for her they still like watching her when she performs on stage at awards ceremonies like the AMA’s where she performed “Bad Romance” and “Speechless”. Everyone was speechless when she broke the glass to get to her piano and then began playing it as it lit on fire, while she proceeded to break glass over it. They were just as astounded at the MTV awards when she started to bleed and she hung on a cord at the end of her “Paparazzi” performance. They like her performances because they’re out there and unique and never been done quite the way she does her performances. She’s a great performer even if she is a bit queer and has talent even if no one will give her the credit she deserves.

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