The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga

7 July 2019

Next is Speechless. Speechless is about a guy who left her, speechless. She compares this man to James Dean and Johnnie Walker. There are some good guitar parts and the lyrics are clever. It’s a little slower and has a lot of piano. The singing is actually quite good.
Then you’ll hear Dance in the Dark. This is about a girl who is too afraid to dance in broad daylight because her boyfriend calls her a tramp, a mess and a vamp(ire). The background music is cool sounding, and I feel like this would be made into a Thriller-like video. It is very futuristic sounding.
After is So Happy I Could Die. This is a much happier song than any other on the album. She talks about going to the club and drinking her red wine with her friends. She talks about “touching herself” quite a bit and “fixing anything that falls out of place”. When I listen to this song, I actually feel like breaking out into dance because it’s so happy.
Next is Teeth. This is my favorite song (second, maybe?) on the album, but it is very strange. Again, this could be reminiscent of Thriller. She keeps saying “Show me your teeth” and says that she wants only “your sex”. It is catchy and has a steady beat to it. There is no evident chorus, but it is a very creative song.
Last, is Telephone, featuring Beyonce. This song reminds me of another (not quite sure what it is). It starts out with piano and sounds like a lullaby, but eventually builds up. The chorus is fun and dance-worthy. It is all about her call breaking up and how she can’t talk right now because her heart is on the dance floor. Beyonce’s lyrics are very clever and fun to sing along with.
Altogether, I love this album because of the uniqueness and catchiness to each song. I recommend buying this album to anyone who enjoys a good dance once in a while.

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