The Fame Monster by Lady GaGa

7 July 2019

Lady GaGa released her album, “The Fame Monster” which comes in a one CD version or a deluxe two CD which doubles the fun! If you don’t know Lady GaGa by now then calling her an eccentric, future Madonna sums her up nicely. She holds American pop music by the throat and she deserves it. Her songs are catchy and have a soul to them. Some of her most famous songs include songs like “Paparazzi”, “Just Dance”, and “Poker Face”. Having these classics on the second CD makes the deluxe two CD version worth it if you don’t own these songs already.

But this review is about CD 1, the CD that the standard album holds. It has its own genre to it where her lyrics are almost like poetry and her singing ability is something Miley Cyrus wishes she could have. To go through the songs individually, “Teeth” is a decent song but can be quite catchy. “Bad Romance” is something I just have to rave about. It is a masterpiece sent by the music Goddess. The lyrics remind me of Shakespearean ballads and many people can relate to it. The song itself is first class and catchy. You will be playing it on repeat if you’re heart broken and at least every day if you’re not. The catchy opening “Ra ra, ah ah ah Roma, roma-ma GaGa, ohh la-la” has everyone singing it through out the day. In my school I hear it at least once a day it is that catchy. Every year there is a select few masterpieces of songs and “Bad Romance” is without a doubt a perfect song to help close this decade off with.

“Alejandro” shows Lady GaGa has mastered the use of repeating a phrase to make a song good. The background beat itself is great and could be a song all to it’s own to play in a club. The refrain sweeps you like a cool sea breeze and like the breeze, is simply inspirational. The song “Monster” opens up nicely and has a great background beat but it just doesn’t feel so fresh as it goes on. It is by no means bad but if I was stuck with only one Lady GaGa song to listen to forever I would not even consider this one. I was truthfully happy when the song ended so I can listen to the next one.

“Speechless” has an opening that reminds me of Queen. A very Bohemian Rhapsody opening goes into a song different than Lady GaGa’s usual club beat. It has a steady background and reminds me of a song you’d see in a chick flick. It is a good song, a hook of an opening and an interesting deviation from Lady GaGa’s usual songs. When you expect the song to end it just starts right back up and flourishes. “Dance in the Dark” is catchy and fun that will make you start jumping in your seat. You can’t really describe the song in words, you merely have to hear it for yourself.

“Telephone” (ft. Beyonce) isn’t my favorite song by any leap of the imagination. It should be popular with ten year old girls though as I feel that’s who it was catered to. The final song, “So Happy I Could Die” is another perfect club song that I can see myself dancing to. Some of the lyrics such as “I am as vain as I allow,” reminds me of Lady GaGa herself. Intentional reference? Perhaps.

If you want a summary of how I feel about the album all you have to do is take the song title “So Happy I Could Die”. While it isn’t my favorite album it was good enough that it made me so happy I could die. But the album is worth getting for Bad Romance alone, my only regret is that it wasn’t longer.

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