The Fantasies of Sleepy Hollow

4 April 2015
The following essay discusses the daydream of Ichabod Crane in Tim Burton’s film, Sleepy Hollow.

This essay draws on the similarities and comparisons between Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and Tim Burton’s film, Sleepy Hollow with specific reference to the daydream scenes.
From the paper:

Yet this daydream has no few of the aspects of a nightmare as well. In the real world, the worst Ichabod will ever endure is a fall from his faithful, and borrowed, steed Gunpowder. In the daydream film, he shall be skewered with a ghostly sword, beaten, choked, and otherwise bodily assaulted. The horsemen will not be a possible figment, a traveler who merely keeps pace and tosses pumpkins; to the contrary, he shall kill any number of people.

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