The Farnsworth House Essay Sample

10 October 2017

The Farnsworth House was designed and constructed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The undertaking was commissioned in 1945 by Dr. Edith Farnsworth. a affluent nephrologist who intent to construct a particular piece of modern architecture. She bought a 60-acre estate site which was located 89 km sou’-west of Chicago business district for the edifice to be constructed. The purpose of the design was to make a weekend retreat for the client to prosecute in her avocations. Mies finally created a 1500 square pess elevated steel and glass house. Mies included the design in an exhibition on his work in the Museum of Modern Art in 1947. The existent building of the house happened between 1950 and 1951. The Farnsworth House is widely recognized by the populace as an architectural chef-d’oeuvre of modern architecture. It was declared as a National Historic Landmark in 2006.

The Farnsworth House adopted an extended rectangular signifier like Mies’ old undertaking the Barcelona Pavilion.

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The house can be divided into two major constituents. the inhabited glass house and the front patio. Two sets of stairss connected the land to patio and so the inhabited infinite. The pick of building stuffs in the Farnsworth House is evident. Large ceiling to floor glass was used to wrap around the full life infinite so that all internal infinite can be exposed to the natural milieus with the exclusion of the bathrooms and mechanical room which are bounded by a cardinal nucleus of wall. The structural units which stretch between the ceiling and the floor slab are eight broad rim steel columns installed on the outside of the glass house. They were painted white to specify the border of the slabs. The attack of exterior structural member ensures a maximal country of internal infinite.

The site context was really of import to the pick of the location of the edifice. In this instance. the purpose is clear. which is to stress on the relationship between homo and nature. The Farnsworth House was situated on the inundation field merely near the border of the Fox River so that it can overlook the river in the nearest distance. The attack was really instead unsafe as the implosion therapy of the river may destruct the house. In order to forestall the house from the river inundation. the inhabited infinite was elevated 1. 6 m above the land on a raised floor platform. doing it looks like it is drifting. The multiple grading of the patios which connect with the stepss echoes with the inclining topography of the inundation field.

Mies addressed basic issues refering relationship between persons and modern society. Persons should populate in harmoniousness in respect to ever-changing environment. The solution was to set up a regulation for making infinite. As the Farnsworth House served as a weekend retreat. a complete control of the infinite by the dweller is important. Mies chose to utilize unobstructed internal infinite to appreciate the freedom of persons therefore allowing control of the infinite to the dweller. Furthermore. the retreat thought should divide the society and the dweller. in which the method is to emerge the person wholly in the natural milieus. The usage of steel columns and big pieces of ceiling to floor glass as the boundary of infinite minimalizes the abstract distance between internal infinite and exterior environment. The thin glass besides acts as frames that integrate out-of-door scenery without impacting the inside ambiance. Besides the exterior steel model construction reduces the demand for opaque concrete wall into lower limit. The kernel in Mies’ designs lies in the functionality of stuffs. non the signifier of the edifice itself.

In order to prolong the continuity of simpleness throughout the design. every item of the house was taken into careful consideration. When taking a close scrutiny at the articulations of the columns and the slabs. one can non separate welding point. The stopper weld connexion method has achieved jointless coating with the attempt of smoothing and painting work so that the steel frame can be read as a individual piece. Other inside informations. such as the spread between bordering elements layering the ceiling and floor besides shows the battle in simpleness and functionality.

Less is more. Form follows map. In the head of Mies van der Rohe. modern architecture does non simply provide shelter for human being from the environing environment. In the instance of the Farnsworth House. it acts as a threshold. a rapprochement between human and nature. The glass wall and steel frame construction have transcended their actual map into an encounter minute of two detached universes. The Farnsworth House blends itself absolutely with clip into the natural background. as if it is ever dependent of it.

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