The Fate Of King Oedipus Essay Research

The Fate Of King Oedipus Essay, Research Paper

Jeremy Todd

English 122


The Fate of King Oedipus

In & # 8220 ; King Oedipus & # 8221 ; there comes a point in the drama where Oedipus

learns something that plays an of import function throughout the drama. He learns

from a prophet that he will finally kill his ain Father and slumber with his

ain female parent. As one could conceive of this is a daze to Oedipus, and he does

non believe the prophet. However, he can non command any of this from

go oning because it is his destiny. He is a victim of fortunes beyond his

control. Oedipus has no control on the result of what happens in his life

because his life had already been planned by the Grecian Gods.

Throughout the whole drama there are mentions made to many of the

ancient Greek Gods, for illustration, Apollo, Zeus, Dionysis, and Artemis are

discussed rather frequently. In ancient Greece the people believed that if anything

happened one of the God & # 8217 ; s had a ground for it. Each God was related to one

specific thing like Poseidon being the God of the sea. They thought that if

there was a tidal moving ridge or a hurricane it was because Poseidon was angry at

them. This is the footing for my premise that Oedipus had no control over

his destiny.

First of wholly, when Oedipus is merely a babe his male parent, King Laius of

Thebes, is told in an prophet that his ain boy will kill him. So, with the

understanding of his married woman, Jocasta, the babe & # 8217 ; s pess are pinioned, and it & # 8217 ; s given to a

slave who is supposed to go forth it to decease on Mt. Cithaeron. However, the

slave feels sorry for the babe, and gives it to a fellow shepherd from Corinth.

The shepherd from Corinth presented the babe to the childless King of

Corinth, who is Polybus, and he brings him up as his ain. He gives him the

name Oedipus, which means conceited pes, because of his malformation.

This shows how the God & # 8217 ; s had already intended for his life to be. He

had no manner to command what his parents did to him after he was born. Then,

18 old ages subsequently, he leaves Corinth for Delphi, to look into on his parenthood

at the prophet of Apollo. The prophet, though, gives him a horrific anticipation.

Which is that he will kill his male parent and slumber with his female parent, which are the

two most impossible offense in a Grecian household. After hearing this he flees

Corinth and caputs toward Thebes believing to of left his male parent behind in instance

the prophet was right.

However, the God Apollo has slightly tricked him. Since he believes

that his existent male parent is Polybus, but he does non yet know that his male parent is the

King of Thebes, which is where he is traveling. Along the manner he meets an old

adult male driving a waggon of slaves at a topographic point where three roads run into, and he so

precedes to kill him.

Old ages pass after this incident, during which clip he becomes King of

Thebes, marries Jocasta ( his female parent ) , and male parents four kids by her.

Slowly, Thebes becomes engulfed by a hideous pestilence, which kills animate beings,

kids, and harvests. Oedipus, being the brave male monarch he is, promises to salvage his

metropolis. Since pestilences are caused by pollution, and the pollution is caused by

sins the Gods are the lone one & # 8217 ; s who can uncover it & # 8217 ; s cause. Oedipus sends his

brother-in-law, Creon, to see the prophet at Delphi once more, and the God & # 8217 ; s answer

is that the pestilence was caused due to an unpunished liquidator. That being the

liquidator of Laius. He so places a awful expletive on the liquidator whomever

it is, and so looks for aid from Teiresias, the respected prophesier. She tells

him that he is the slayer, and she hints at even worse offenses. Oedipus is

enraged at what she tells him, and thinks that Teiresias and Creon have made

this up to dethrone him. Teiresias departs with menaces of her life while Creon

implore his artlessness. Oedipus does non believe him, and would hold had him

executed if non for Jocasta.

After hearing that the statement was the consequence of what an prophet had

told them she reassures Oedipus by stating that what the prophets say is

bunk. She so tells a narrative of how her and Laius were told by one that

their boy would kill his male parent. She so tells him how the male parent was killed by

robbers at a topographic point where three roads meet. Then Oedipus remembers that he

killed a adult male at a topographic point like this and admirations if it was Laius. He realizes that

this would do him the cursed liquidator who is to fault for the pestilence of

Thebes. Jocasta pleads with Oedipus that a informant said it was stealers, and

that it could non hold been him. Oedipus wants this informant to be found so

that his frights can be laid to rest. During this clip a courier arrives to state

Oedipus that his male parent, the King of Corinth, has died and that he is now the

King of Corinth every bit good.

Oedipus is saddened by this event, but tells the courier that he

can non return to Corinth while his female parent is still alive. Then the courier

attempts to assist himself out by stating Oedipus that she was non truly his female parent,

nor was Polybus his male parent. He so explains to them that Oedipus was given

to him by a shepherd from Thebes. Jocasta so realizes that Oedipus is genuinely

her boy and rushes off. Meanwhile Oedipus believes that she is

embarrassed that her hubby might hold been an unwanted kid, and

possibly he was the boy of a slave.

At last the Theban shepherd arrives, and this is dry because turned

out to be the adult male who was the informant to the slaying of Laius. The shepherd

is loath to state Oedipus anything. Not until after a menace of anguish does he

state Oedipus that the babe was given to him by Jocasta to be killed, and that

he passed it on to the Corinthian out of commiseration. Oedipus now cognizing the truth

hastes to happen Jocasta, but unfortunately, it was to late. She had already hanged

herself. Oedipus so takes the shoulder pins from her frock and gouges his

eyes out with them blinding himself. From this bad luck Creon becomes

King, and after leting Oedipus to state adieu to his girls, orders

him into the house, to expect disposal at the God & # 8217 ; s pleasance. As Oedipus enter

the house he is continually stating that he should be left to decease on Mt.

Cithaeron merely as the Gods intended for him to.

As one can see, the God & # 8217 ; s played with the lives and emotions of all the

characters in the drama. While making so Oedipus could in no manner command his

ain destiny. The God & # 8217 ; s mislead him, and did non let him to maintain from his

fate. Oedipus was so a victim. A victim of fortunes beyond his

control, and it merely goes to demo that it is impossible for person to get away

their ain destiny.


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