The Fault in Our Stars Summary

9 September 2016

The Fault In Our Stars is about a teenager named Hazel Grace Lancaster who is a cancer survivor who falls for a boy named Augustus Waters that she meets at a support group where kids with or who have survived cancer go. Hazel who has had cancer in her lungs and Augustus who has one leg became interested in each other the first day there, through their friend Isaac who has cancer in his eyes. They quickly become friends and share everything with each other, Hazel gives Augustus her favorite book An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten and in return he gives her The Prince of Dawn.

Both Hazel and Augustus are obsessed with the book and continually wonder what happens to the characters at the end of the book. For weeks they ponder what happens at the end of the book and write letters to the author, which were never replied, until one day Augustus got a reply to the email he sent to Peter Van Houten. Peter’s assistant Lidewij replied to his emails about the questions they had but said that he could not answer the questions, only in person and there for invites them to come to Amsterdam and visit them so they can answer the questions they have.

The Fault in Our Stars Summary Essay Example

Augustus takes it upon himself to make sure they go to Amsterdam and make his “wish” to go to there with Hazel because she already used her wish on Disney World. This becomes a problem because the doctors weren’t sure whether or not she could go because of her health, but she ultimately is able to go after she got permission from the doctors and the equipment she needs. In the weeks between the trip their friend Isaac goes into surgery and now has to be blind because that was the only way to get rid of the cancer, which his girlfriend Monica breaks up with him because she can’t deal with a blind boyfriend.

When they are in Amsterdam, Hazel and Gus go on a “date” to Oranjee, Hazel dressed in a sundress and Augustus in his death suit, they begin to realize how much they really love each other, they notice the beauty all around them as they drank champagne made of stars by the canal filled with petals. The next day they meet Peter and Hazel dresses up as Anna, when they got there Peter was very arrogant and didn’t give they the answers they were looking for, but instead insults them, making them upset so they left. Running after them Lidewij apologized and took them the Anne Frank house before them returning to the hotel.

Augustus finally tells Hazel that his cancer is back and worse than ever, which was what he was screaming at his mom about before they left for Amsterdam. When they get home Augustus begins to slowly loose his health and die, so he prepares a prefuneral that Hazel and Isaac attend and read their eulogies to him. Eight days later Augustus died and hazel becomes very upset that she has lost her best friend, and the person she loved and felt closest to the most, the boy she stayed on the phone with for hours in the third world they had saying “okay”.

Hazel became worried for her parents that she loved dearly, that they would divorce if she died and that she ruins their lives because their lives have to revolve around her and her sickness, but her parents reassure her in everything and that they will have a life after hers. At Augustus’ funeral Hazel sees Peter Van Houten there and is in shock, Hazel says her eulogy which is geared towards his parents and different from the one at his prefuneral and lastly sticks a pack of cigarettes in his coffin as a last promise and kisses his on the cheek.

After she talks to Peter and notices that he is so mean because his daughter died of cancer and he wrote An Imperial Affliction for her. Hazel learns from Isaac that Augustus was writing her something before he died, and goes on a search for it when finally her friend Katie told her maybe he wrote it for someone else, which then Hazel gets the letters from Lidewij which were sent to Peter.

Hazel thought that Gus was writing her a sequel to An Imperial Affliction but in the end he was writing her a eulogy, and he says that he hops she is happy with the choices the has made in her life, and Hazel replies as if he were there that she is. I liked this books because it was a great story of “star-crossed lovers” and it was witty and adorably quirky. Down to every little detail and everything they said had meaning to it and I really liked that about the book.

It was very heartfelt and had a purpose, this book not only was a good read, it made me think differently about thing in life and I really appreciated this book a lot because of its lessens. I also really like how the characters were really in touch with the world around them and understood a lot about it, being as intelligent as they are. All together this was a very interesting and very well written book, there was just something about it that made me not want to put it down and that is why I really liked The Fault in Our Stars.

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