The Feeling of Hockey

4 April 2019

It starts in the locker room when I put on my gear, and lace up my skates. Visualizing. How am I going to play? Will I Score? Are we going to win?
I put on my jersey. Arrowhead logo on the front—Dvorak on the back. When I skate onto that ice, I want people to know who I am. Sam Dvorak—from Arrowhead. By putting on my jersey, by playing the sport, that is what I am doing. Representing my name, and my school.

Were just sitting there now. Waiting to go out on the ice. Will I even play? Am I going to get hit? Will we lose?

The Feeling of Hockey Essay Example

It’s time to go out on the ice. We’re walking through the tunnel, music playing, fans screaming with excitement.

Only question I have now is, how many? How many goals will I score? How many hits will I have? How many goals are we going to win by?
As I step out on the ice, all my problems vanish. The only thought on my mind is hockey. We skate around the rink, air flowing through my body. My heart is racing as the National Anthem is being played.
We set up for the faceoff. The puck drops. The game has started!

Hockey is my life, and I play it with passion, and the mindset of this being the last time I will ever play hockey. Not only do I have hard work and dedication to hockey, but many other things as well, like helping people and towards school. I will work hard at everything I do and that is how I will enrich the community.

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