The Fight Club

4 April 2015
This paper is a review of the movie, “The Fight Club” and its commentary on contemporary society.

This paper discusses the movie “The Fight Club,” which is based upon Chuck Palahniuk’s novel by the same name. The different themes presented in the movie are detailed, including how separation and dissatisfaction can lead to totalitarianism and how violence is often used to rearrange the world. The author also looks at the social impact of the movie on society by analyzing several different scenes from the film. The author feels that the most striking feature of the film is its violence and how it has been taken to such an extreme that in many cases people either avoided it altogether, or left midway through the movie because the violence was too much for them to handle.
The experience of this film remained demanding to be considered and thought about it. However, unlike 95 percent of present -day action movies, there is an immense deal to ponder about and argue over since Fight Club presents an excess of thought-provoking material that at the same time works on many levels.

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The movie has been narrated in a conservative fashion, but is still been engaged, while Fincher’s determination, and fidgety style turned it into a visual masterpiece. However, as mentioned in above largely the experience is mostly as strange as watching Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange since Fight Club is a tale that give details of an creepy alternate universe, in which the tune of life have the same rhythm as in ours but in a different manner.

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