The film ”Patton” Essay Sample

8 August 2017

The moviePatton. a 1970 play picturing General George Patton and his actions during World War II. was directed by Franklin Shaffner and written by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund North. It stars George C. Scott as Patton. with Karl Malden. Michael Bates and Karl Michael Vogler. It received an Academy Award for Best Picture every bit good as winning Oscars in seven other classs. including the Best Actor award to Scott. who refused to accept it. which is a manner of accepting it with more noise than usual. It has been declared ‘culturally significant’ by the Library of Congress and is now preserved in the National Film Registry. The opening scene. in which Scott. dressed as the general. delivers a stirring soliloquy while standing in forepart of an outsize American flag sets the tone for the movie.

This scene has been parodied and quoted over the old ages. and is assumed by many to be historically accurate.

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This movie has blurred the often-fine line between fact and fiction and is taken as fact by legion pupils of history. Patton is depicted as an egomaniac who is in ferocious competition with General Montgomery of Great Britain. an every bit egomaniacal officer of the Allied Forces. His brusque mode and deficiency of societal accomplishments gets Patton into problem with both a hostile imperativeness and the military bid. At last he pays bow to General Omar Bradley. once his subsidiary. and is given bid of the U. S. Third Army. Patton believes in reincarnation and has strong geo-political positions that frequently conflicted with U. S. Army policy. Patton drives his bid deep into Germany and is a successful and superb general. The movie. nevertheless. wages equal attending to his dark side and is a practical psychological profile of the American war Godhead who claimed to hold fought with Caesar in a former life. every bit good as keeping bid places in countless other ground forcess in countless other centuries.

The subject of the film is the glorification of war. Patton says that no 1 of all time won a war by deceasing for his state ; the manner to win a war is to do your opposition dice for his state. He so spends his screen life seeking to do that go on. Motifs trade with the struggles in Patton’s life and his apparently suicidal run. His volatile personality. while colourful and exciting to watch onscreen. is damaging to good order in any wartime ground forces. This film serves to exemplify the fact that Patton. as a film character. is entertaining. while Patton as a superior officer would hold been a small piece of snake pit. His slapping of a shell-shocked solder is depicted as testimony to his passion. but is a major blooper. if he does it for consequence. It enrages American parents who have boies in the war and costs him the bid he so severely craved.

Pattonwon Academy Awards for best effects and best redaction. The visuals of this film are stupefying both in the conflict scenes every bit good as the elegant interior shootings of beautiful Italian Villa. commandeered by Allied bid. Under the auspices of cameraman Fred Koenekamp the movie is breathtaking. Its conflict scenes take up the full screen and have majesty and a pragmatism non seen today with the modern movie makers’ leaning for digitalized effects. These may be all right for word picture of events that can non really go on. such as foreign invasions. However it does non keep a taper to existent events staged by superb movie Masterss.

Patton occurs in a clip when America believed in itself. It was a clip when Americans believed themselves to be morally and culturally superior to everyone else in the universe. Americans had a can-do attitude. Patton says that America has ne’er lost a war. He is a hero in the clip when hero-worship is in trend. Americans. during World War II saw the word in blunt black and white. there were no sunglassess of grey. Patton. the movie. capitalise on this phenomenon. successfully recapturing a spirit of the state that had non been seen in over 20 old ages. America was get downing to see that Viet Nam was non merely unwinnable. but besides possibly incorrect. This was a arresting realisation to the American people. Patton put the American mind back on path. It is an inspiring film. and has a rah-rah spirit to it. It is reported the Richard Nixon screened it at the White House instantly before he gave orders to occupy Cambodia. misleading. obfuscating facts and out-right prevarication to the American people. Possibly the spirit of Patton gave him the enteric fortitude and the sheer saddle sore and presumption to make it.

Personally I think the movie is a chef-d’oeuvre and a legitimate American hoarded wealth. However. the one job that I see is in the glory of war. I believe in the thought behind the quotation mark attributed to Georges Clemenceau. ‘War is much excessively serious a affair to be entrusted to military work forces. ’ I think that monster films are all right. but we do non believe in monsters. However. we do believe in war. and its glory can turn out unsafe to a free society. I am non a pacificist and I believe in contending for one’s household and national individuality. What I am stating is that it is unsafe to do sufferer and while it is merely natural to be thankful to a military which keeps us free. immature people should see that work forces such as George Patton are non Gods. but simply retainers of a free people. and must be capable to strong civilian inadvertence. This is non covered good plenty in Patton for my gustatory sensation.

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