The Filter Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The Filter is a recommendation engine which is used in concurrence with other business’ web sites for the suggesting of digital media and amusement stuffs. and technological merchandises. Its intent is to analyse the past purchases of the consumer and utilize the informations to propose other stuffs and merchandises that the consumer could probably be interested in. some of which the consumer otherwise would non hold been exposed to. The Filter was non successful on an single footing. but in the concern to concern environment. it has proven itself to be really productive. However. the challenge confronting the Filter now is to recognize its ultimate end of spread outing its service to other industries other than the media. amusement. and engineering.

During the group’s treatment. we besides entertained the inquiry of what factors would be influential in this determination procedure. We concluded that the chief factors would be: consumer behaviour in different markets and the utility or demand of the service in other markets.

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Another inquiry that arose during the treatment was what options were available for the Filter? We all agreed that one option was for the Filter to go more involved in perforating other markets by happening other industries that could utilize its informations roll uping abilities for services other than recommendations of merchandises to buy. The most obvious option suggested was for them to stay within its current market and obtain concern from companies besides the 1s that they presently provide services for.

Our group’s treatment of the picks confronting the Filter included urging some possibilities that they could see in order to ramify out and aim other markets. One possibility is market incursion. Alternatively of Filter offering its services to companies who sell intangible goods. they should offer their services to companies who sell touchable goods. They should market their services to the retail/wholesale industry. For cases. companies such as Walmart could use Filter’s engineering on the Walmart web site. Another is traveling beyond the kingdom of media. amusement. and engineering. and use the recommendation engine for other services such as assorted types of insurance. contraptions dental and medical processs and practicians to call a few.

We propose that some ways to implement our recommendations is to: Advertise
On societal webs and other popular web sites
Mass media ( telecasting. wireless. etc. )
Offer Incentives
Discounts for urging the usage of their services
Discounts after a certain sum of purchases

The above thoughts are directed more towards bottom line single consumers. To sell to companies. Filter must demo how good their engineering would be to other companies. Filter could demo the new market companies how gross revenues can increase through their engineering due to complimentary purchases. They could demo how gross revenues of companies with their engineering were before they had Filter’s services and after. If gross revenues have greatly increased. other companies would likely see holding Filter’s engineering. We feel that put to deathing these recommendations would do the Filter’s concern environment more contributing for the realisation of their end of marketing its services to other industries.

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