The Fire is Mine by Seven Kingdoms

6 June 2019

Band: Seven Kingdoms

Album: The Fire is Mine

Genre: Power/speed metal

Label: Nightmare Records

Track-by-track review:

Beyond the Wall – This track is just an intro to the album but it’s a nice starter – n/a

After the Fall – This is the true opener of the album. A great fast song with a memorable chorus and great drumming – 9.5/10

Forever Brave – This song isn’t as good as After the Fall but it’s still good. It’s a good example of the band’s overall sound – 8/10

Flame of Olympus – A great guitar intro and lead singer Sabrina Valentine’s voice sounds even better than usual but not quite as memorable as some of the other songs – 8/10

Symphony of Stars – Good song with a memorable, er, shriek, no note from Sabrina – 8/10

The Fire is Mine – The second Game of Thrones themed song on the album (the others being After the Fall and The King in the North) as well as being the title track and it doesn’t disappoint.

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Great guitar work and drumming and a great chorus make this one of the standouts – 9.5/10

Kardia – The first and only ballad on the album and despite my worries that it’d be too soft this is one of my favourite tracks on the album and when the heavier bit kicks in near the end it doesn’t feel out of place or stuck on for fun, it just makes the song even better – 9.5/10

Fragile Minds Collapse – I can’t help but feel that your mind will collapse if you listen to it too loud. Three words to describe this song are dark, heavy and epic – 9/10

In the Twisted Twilight – This song is twisted but it’s another dark epic – 9/10

A Debt Paid in Steel – A spoken interlude but it’s a much needed break – n/a

The King in the North – The third and final Game of Thrones themed song and it’s a very worthy and epic album closer – 9.5/10

Overall: 9/10 – Highly recommended

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