The First Confession

4 April 2015
A look at Frank O’ Connor’s “First Impression”.

This paper examines what is probably now the best known of O?Connor?s works, the short story ?The First Confession?, examining three different critical perspectives on this story that help us to understand both its individual merit and its importance as an example of O?Connor?s style and wit and the larger place that short stories (and particularly Irish short stories) have held in the literature of the English-speaking world since World War I and especially since World War II.
From the paper:

“Frank O?Connor was the literary pseudonym of Michael O’Donovan. But given the quality and breadth of his work, it is hard to understand why this Irish playwright, novelist, and short-story writer who, as a critic and as a translator of Gaelic works from the 9th to the 20th century, served as one of the most important and influential interpreters of Irish life and literature to the English-speaking world would want to hide his light under the bushel of a nom de plume.”

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