The First Driving-Lesson Day

2 February 2017

The Cost of Carelessness Driving a genuine car was my initial dream when I was a young child because I really love speed and sports car. Eventually, with a lot of efforts, my dream comes true and the day I got my driver license was one of the happiest days in my life. Hence, I can drive a car and go to everywhere I want, but it also reminds me of the first day I sat behind the wheel. That day was a cool, breezy Sunday with a mild temperature on the morning of February 20, 2011.

It was the first exciting driving-lesson I ever took and little did I know, it was about to teach me a practical lesson I will never forget. A week before that day, my mom registered for me a six-driving-lesson package at Pleasant School, a moto school near my house in Chelsea, MA. The first driving-lesson day would be taught next week so I was absolutely excited about what would happen to me in that day.

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My mind was really possessed with a lot of thoughts about that day and I couldn’t wait to see it coming true. Finally, the day which I dreamed of was about to come.

At 7am, I woke up with a happy mood and an eager attitude, and then I had a delicious breakfast with a big bowl of cereals and milk. After that, I changed my clothes and went outside my house to wait for my teacher’s car coming. In front of my house, there is a one-way street with its width that can barely let one car pass another one, and there weren’t a lot of cars rolling on the street at that moment. From outside, I could see that today was really a beautiful day with the vivid sun, the wide-and-high cloudless sky; the breezy wind and the fresh air. That was a good omen for the start of something new.

I loosened my whole body, let my mind stay empty, closed my eyes and took a deep breath to enjoy that never-forgotten moment. Finally, my teacher arrived at my house with a black, 2008 model Toyota. I felt really relieved and delighted, and I ran quickly to him with a big smile on my face while he opened the car-door. He was an African-American man in sport clothes with a pair of glasses. He gave me a warm smile and seemed to be a good, patient, experienced instructor because he asked me gently about my information and smiled all the time he talked with me.

After that, John, my teacher, told me to get in the car and sit on the driver’s seat position while he sat on my right seat for passenger. I felt absolutely comfortable with the cool air-conditioned system and the soft seat in that car. By seeing my satisfied appearance, John looked at me and asked with a friendly smile, “Are you ready? ” “Yes, I hope so. I’m actually excited about this moment but I still feel a little nervous and worried about what I’m going to do next,” I answered. “Well, that’s just a normal feeling because it’s your first time. All you need to do is try your best, stay focused and practice as much as you can.

Everything will be fine,” he said. “Oh, I will, thank you,” I looked at him and said. After that brief and open conversation, John began to teach me about the steering wheel, gearshift, accelerator, clutch, brake, mirror, light signal, etc, and how they work. Then, on the street outside my house, he taught me how to adjust my seat, how to start or stop the car, how to use hand signal, how to check the mirror and the blind spot, how to look over behind my shoulder to check the traffic, how to turn left and right, how to pull over on the right side of the street, etc.

He talked slowly to me with a gentle voice. After the verbal instruction, he told me it was time for me to take action about what I just learned. By hearing that, I felt extremely happy because my driving-a-car dream was about to come true, so I couldn’t hold that moment back. Without hesitating, I started the engine; signal left; change the gearshift from P-Park into D-Drive and I did all the preparation before driving a car that was taught by my instructor, except one important step that can cost me my whole life: carefully look over behind your left-shoulder to check the upcoming traffic.

Then, without a careful thought, I turned the wheel to the left, directed the head of my car to the traffic lane and try to merge into it. I didn’t see a coming car behind me at a distance of 20 feet. The coming car got to my car closer and closer, and I didn’t realize how terrible it was going to be. But John could foresee what would happen to me next because he kept his eyes carefully to whatever I had done. So he pedaled quickly into the second brake beneath his seat to make the car stop immediately.

The coming car just passed my car in a very small space; it seemed like nearly hit the head of my car. By observing what just happened to me, it took my breath away for a while. My whole body was totally and completely frozen, I couldn’t say or do anything else but shivering from head to toe. My face was becoming pale with fear and a lot of goose-pimples rose on my skin. I couldn’t believe that I just got out of an accident which would have hurt me or somebody else badly. After a couple of minutes, I still felt panic about that moment.

I tried to take a deep breath and turned my head to my teacher and said, “I’m so sorry. Thanks for helping me out and saving me. ” “That’s my pleasure and it’s also a lesson for you: You should think carefully and stay focused on what you’re going to do, don’t ever hurry because you always have time to do it,” he said with a beautiful voice just like my father did when he tried to teach me how to ride a bike twelve years ago. “I appreciate that and I will concentrate more on what I’m doing. Thank you again. Later then, I tried my best to listen to John and to practice what I had learnt from him. And the results not only made him happy but also help me get over that horrible moment. I did all the practices successfully and we had a happy, comfortable time after the incident. Finally, my one-hour driving lesson came to an end and John took me home with a big smile on his face. He seemed so happy right because he knew that he did a good job. And to me, I had learned a useful lesson for both my driving skills and my normal life.

In conclusion, I never think I can learn a vital lesson from my driving lesson but now I completely change my mind and the way I approach things. So after the first driving-lesson day, I actually grow up my mind with one more experience added to my life to help me pay attention to what I’m doing and what I’m going to do next, and the final purpose is to make me become a good man with better personality. Needless to mention, at the bottom of my heart, I’m really grateful to my driving teacher for what he had taught me that day.

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