The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom Thesis Essay

9 September 2016

This job was at an amusement park, Ruby Pier, just doing maintenance, and making sure the park ran smoothly. It was a very tedious job, doing the same things every day, every week, every year, unchanging except for the types of rides he had to maintain. Eddie worked as carnival maintenance from the time he got out of the military and his father died, right up until his own death. (His death was actually on the job. ) Patience was a great trait for him to possess; when he arrived in heaven, Eddie had the time of forever on his hands. The protagonist of The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Eddie, was very kind-hearted on the inside, too.

After high school, Eddie went into the military. During combat he and four others became prisoners of war, where they stayed captured for several months. When they broke out, they burned everything down because of the memories and stifled hatred against their captors. But while Eddie was burning down a barn, he thought he saw a child; he had then run inside the burning barn looking for the child. Eddie risked his own life trying to save that child; so much so that the only way his comrades could get him to come out was to shoot him in the knee, then to drag him out.

Another instance of Eddie’s kind-heartedness was his death. One day on the job at the carnival, Eddie received a frantic radio call about a broken and dangling carnival ride. He rushed on the scene and saved the people in the cart that was hanging. Tragically, a little girl was standing underneath the cart, calling for her mom, when the wire holding it snapped. Running with all his might, Eddie shoved the little girl out of the way just in time, although it caused his own death.

Through these events, Eddie showed his kind heart and worked hard at having one, whether consciously or unconsciously. Hard work was another of Eddie’s values, and that personality trait showed in a couple of scenes from the book. He, as I’ve said before, went to war overseas. While there, Eddie fought hard against his enemies, protecting his comrades, himself, and the USA. Once he became captured, he struggled against his oppressors. The whole time his was in captivity, he was very much against them; he ended up killing two of them himself, and was responsible for the death of the others.

But when the captors were still alive, they put Eddie and his four compatriots in a coal mine to mine ore, and there Eddie definitely pulled his own weight. He eventually worked hard enough to free himself and his three remaining fellow soldiers. Back at Ruby Pier, he took the amusement park job up for his father, who left it unoccupied after his death. Eddie spent many long years there working that job; greasing tracks, fixing machines, and repairing broken parts was what most of his time was spent on. Although he spent so much energy and time at his job on Ruby Pier, he always put his best foot forward.

Hard work was one of the primary traits Eddie had, and it was very prominent in his actions. Eddie “Maintenance” (as the little kids on the pier called him) was also a very accepting character. He had big dreams of the future while in high school, and was dead set against working the same job as his father. His father, too, had hit him as punishment when he was mad; Eddie just accepted it for a while as how it was supposed to be. When Eddie’s father left the head maintenance job open on account of his death, Eddie just took the job. He had felt it was his responsibility.

His acceptance had cost him his big dreams; although in heaven, those dreams didn’t really matter anymore (he was dead, and couldn’t do anything with those dreams). In heaven Eddie tried to understand his life, and the people he met helped him do that, but they also helped him to accept it. He did, eventually; he came to terms with everything in his life, even all the grudges he’d held. He learned to accept everything, and was at peace. Eddie “Maintenance” had so much patience, kind-heartedness, hard-working attitude, and acceptance that they are what made him such a great and interesting character and the book so enjoyable to read.

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