The flynn effect

9 September 2016

The Flynn effect is named after intelligence researcher James Flynn, an emeritus professor of the University of Otago in New Zealand. According to James Flynn, over the course of the last century, people who have taken IQ tests have gotten increasingly better scores – on average, three points better for every decade that has passed. Flynn knew that intelligence is partly inherited from our parents and partly the result of our environment and experiences, but improvement in test scores was happening too quickly to be explained by heredity.

So some of the explanations offered are these: a) Education: have better education. b) Smaller family: today couple just have 1-2 children. Receive more attention. c) Test-taking savvy: know the tips to take tests. d) Genes: smart couple borns smart children whose IQ will be as high as or higher than those of the parents. 1. Do you believe people are really getting smarter? Why or Why not? Actually, in our opinion, we believe that people are really getting smarter as compare to their ancestors.

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The world is full of evidence that modern humans have more going on upstairs than their ancestors did: such as the appearance of Smartphones, the success of Heart transplants, finding the treatment for various fatal diseases,… Because nowadays, there are many factors which can impact on people’s intelligence and make it more compeletely. better nutrition since it results in babies being born larger, healthier, and with more brain development than in the past.

Medicine development: there are various kind of brain tonic which stimulate brain development ? improve intelligence changes in educational styles, with teachers encouraging children to learn by discovering things for themselves rather than just memorizing information. ? This could prepare people to do the kind of problem solving that intelligence tests require. Development technology: provide people with tools which help them access to information easily, learn from variety of knowledge and experience resources.

Every time you play a computer game or figure out how to program a new cell phone, you are exercising exactly the kind of thinking and problem solving. 2. Which of the factors explaining the Flynn effect do you accept? The Flynn Effect has given the most suitable factors in this article. They have explained four different factors. We support with 2 of 4 those : Education and Test-taking saavvy. Firstly, education has been changed a lot since past years. Today students usually use the modern technologies for studying purpose, thus, Internet becomes one of the most useful things for studying.

Moreover, nowadays, people also have more opportunities to study such as study abroard, therefore, they can interract with many kinds of people, many cultures, many types of education in the world. Through these, you can improve your intelligence in specific aspects. Secondly, students take a lot of tests during the semesters. This help them do brain exercise to stimulate thinking and solving problem skills. Besides, they know how to take tests and how to do well on them, so they can get higher score. It helps to new generation to do well with IQ test and so forth.

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