”The Forgotten 500” by Gregory Freeman Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The Forgotten 500 by Gregory Freeman is an untold narrative of a deliverance undertaken by a group of work forces ( the OSS- finally the CIA ) . utilizing aircraft to deliver five hundred and twelve downed aviators from the mountains in Nazi occupied Yugoslavia. The aviators had to avoid gaining control while expecting a deliverance. some for months others for a twelvemonth or more. With the assistance of the Serbian people and General Mihailovich. who loved Americans and resisted Nazi business. built by manus a landing strip without alarming the Germans or jeopardizing local Serbs. to convey in multiple C47 aircraft in the largest deliverance behind enemy lines in World War II and since. Operation Halyard.

General Mihailovich who one time had entire support by Allies until Tito’s agents infiltrated British central offices and presented false paperss which showed Mihailovich and his work forces join forcesing with Nazi business forces. Ultimately. Allied forces turned their support to communist leader Tito.

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Operation Halyard was non mentioned for over 40 old ages. Mihailovich and his attempts were erased from history along with the 500 downed American aviators. After British and US treachery. Mihailovich was captured by the Partisans. given a rigged test and executed after the war. Many of the rescued aviators and their protagonists held mass meetings on Mihailovich’s behalf pleading for clemency with no help. Mihaiovich’s girl was finally presented the Legion of Merit by President Harry Truman in award of her male parent who rescued. protected and returned to safety so many of our downed aviators.

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