The Forgotten Prejudice Essay Research Paper Prejudice

8 August 2017

The Forgotten Prejudice Essay, Research Paper

The Forgotten Prejudice Essay Research Paper Prejudice Essay Example

Prejudice is defined certainly as the mistreatment of a individual or people due to a preconceived prejudice. In Britain today there is an compulsion with non being racialist, and to a lesser extent, non being male chauvinist. However rampant homophobia still exists and noone sees fit to knock. So here we go & # 8230 ; ..

Homophobia ; the word itself is a simbol of the difference between the sentiments of society on the mistreatment of cheery people compared to the mistreatment of adult females or cultural minority groups. The word suggests an irrational fright, instead than a offense or bias as racism sexism and agism do.

Bing homosexual is a natural thing. Having observed the disgusting biass that seem to travel manus in manus with homosexualism in our society, one imagine that noone would Choose to be gay. You can non take who you fall in love with. When you hit puberty, you find yourself attracted to people. You do non consciously make up one’s mind to be straight. Therefore one conclude that you do non consciously make up one’s mind to be cheery. Finally, many species of wild animate beings ( including camelopard, monkeys and birds ) have displayed homosexual behavior. Therefore homosexualism does happen in nature.Some people claim that being homosexual is unnatural. Clearly they are incorrect.

Many people base their averments that being homosexual is incorrect or in some manner pervert on their spiritual beliefs. This one find incredable. God makes adult male in his image, he has a intent for each of us etc. Why so would he do some people gay if being homosexual is unbearable to him. If homosexualism is a wickedness, and God makes some people gay, what sort of average fast one is that? ( I know that that is a really simplis

tic manner of stating it ) . God purportedly loves everyone. Would he desire the ostracision of some of his kids because of their sexual preferance? Some people claim that there is something ‘wrong’ with the heads of homosexual people, in other words proposing that they are mentally disturbed or unnatural. If this was true, would it be an alibi for their mistreatment? It may be true that the encephalon of a cheery individual may be different in some manner from the head of a consecutive individual ( one dont know ) But the head of a adult male is different to that of a adult female. As one hope we all see, different does non intend inferior. And wouldnt it be God that is responsible for those differences?

We do non populate in an equal society, and likely ne’er will. Peoples are non equal until everyone in society is treated on the footing of the content of their character and non on their age, gender, societal category, cultural beginning, or gender. Their are non arguements that can warrant the intervention of cheery people as 2nd category citezens. Peoples are prepared to overlook mistreatment. Why arent homosexual people allowed to acquire married? Marriage is non strictly about reproduction ; sterile twosomes arent forbidden from acquiring married. Marriage should be about love. Peoples should be treated with compassion.

Until every member of society is treated reasonably, non of its members are treated reasonably. I can non digest bias, in any of its signifiers, and i hope that people who have read this agree. It is easy to defend causes that have already been fought, such as gender and racial equality. One twenty-four hours homophobia should be treated with equal disdain. Currently it is seen as an acceptable sentiment. This is clearly a serious societal job.

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